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Series "Electronic Commerce & Digital Markets"

Selected results of our research and doctoral dissertations of members of the institute are published in the publication series "Electronic Commerce & Digital Markets".

Editor of this series is Prof. Dr. Martin Spann. The series is published under the ISSN 2199-7608.

The following volumes have been published:

1 Daurer, Stephan Location-based Services and Consumer Search on the Mobile Internet 2014
2 Baum, Daniela Consumer Reviews and Social Media Marketing 2015
3 Molitor, Dominik Location-Based Advertising: Context and Consumer Behavior 2015
4 Andreas Heusler Crowd-based Intelligence in New Product Development and Knowledge Sharing 2016
5 Andrea Dechant Customer Behavior in Online Dating 2016
6 Lucas Stich Buyer Behavior in Customer-Driven Pricing Mechanisms 2017
7 Chinmay Kakatkar Advanced Applications of Network Analysis in Marketing Science 2018
8 Philipp Nägelein Designing for Interaction on Mobile Devices 2018