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Digital Advertising & Privacy

On average, each user has two or even more internet-enabled devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, Smart TV ...) and the majority of internet users surf the web using mobile devices. As a result of the changed user behavior, advertising companies also increasingly invest in digital and particularly in mobile advertising in order to reach their customers in the best possible way. Digital advertising not only enables better performance reviews through the measurement of customers’ response to advertising (tracking), but also a targeted customer approach based on preferences as well as location-based information (targeting).

In our research, we are particularly interested in the challenges and opportunities that this changed usage behavior entails for companies (advertisers & publishers). Based on experimental and quantitative-empirical methods, our aim is to generate insights on the temporal, local and context-oriented customer approach, the performance measurement of advertising as well as the design of advertising tools.

In the context of privacy, we study perceptions, behavior and solutions regarding the tracking, use and protection of consumer data. Further, we study the impact of transparency, i.e., the quantity and quality of information made available to consumers, on their decision making.


  • Multichannel Advertising
  • Second Screen
  • Targeting
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Privacy
  • Transparency




  • Internet Business Cluster (IBC)
  • DFG


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